Monday, 11 May 2009

Masterchef Sea bass dish

Grilled Fillet of Sea bass with crushed Potatoes Chorizo and a Tomatoes and Olive Salsa.


1 Fillet of Sea Bass, skin on

New Potatoes


Cherry Tomatoes

Green stoned Olives

Basil Parsley


Olive Oil

Salt Pepper


Grill the fish skin side down till fish is just cooked, turn over (skin side up) turn grill up to high and grill till skin is crisp. While the fish cooks, add the crushed cooked potatoes and chorizo to a hot pan add a splash of oil. Fry until crisp. Season.

For the Salsa chop the olives and tomatoes and add to a warm pan with a good lug of oil, cook slowly for a few mins until the tomatoes soften. Add the chopped herbs, a squeeze of lemon and season.

To plate up add a pile of the potatoes and chorizo to a warm plate top with the fish skin side up and spoon round the salsa.

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